Fresh air, clean water, green surroundings, and bluish sky are the desired elements of a good environment. But to this day and age, the air we breathe is highly polluted; water is contaminated, our rainforests and mountains are devastated. We face severe environmental issues that affect our daily living from floods, climate change, and global warming. Intentionally and unintentionally, we disturbed the balance of our ecosystem. In its small way, SCAN International (SCAN-I) thought of a program that helps our community and the world we live in.

Along with the tree planting activity, it has staged a clean-up drive in different communities. SCAN-I will do its part as citizens of the world and inspire others to do the same to maintain a clean and green environment. We encourage everyone to do their part and save and preserve our environment. We appeal to everyone to promote and practice the conduct of waste management like proper disposal and recycling. Help reduce greenhouse gases and fight climate change, improving the quality of the natural environment for the future of the next generation.

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