Members of the SCAN organization worldwide are encouraged to take the amateur radio licensure examination to fulfill their role as radio operators. This is one effective means of keeping the hobby alive, even for the younger generations.

Among younger SCAN members who appreciate the importance of having an amateur radio license is brother Lark Villanueva, a 15-year-old from the Biloxi MS South Central States Chapter who recently passed the examination. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) officially granted him a call sign of KJ5GPL.

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, Brother Matthew Abcdef A. Flores, 4H1GSI, a 14-year old SCAN Associate from Bagong Ilog, Metro Manila East Chapter, Sister Marthena Censon, a 14-year-old SCAN Associate from Commonwealth Central District Chapter, and Brother Rham Sanchez, a 15-year-old SCAN Associate from Pasong Tamo also from Central District, passed the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) amateur radio licensure examinations.

They are among the continuously growing SCAN members from the second-young generation who recognize the value of amateur radio use.