First aid knowledge is essential. The ability to quickly and safely respond to emergencies may be the difference between life and death.

Aware of this, the SCAN, International in the United Kingdom held a First Aid Seminar and Workshop recently in Manchester.

The workshop was a combination of practical demonstrations, role-playing, and theory sessions aimed to handle safely and effectively a variety of injuries, administering CPR, and dealing with seizures and shocks.

The course was comprehensive—covering many aspects of essential life support delivered by Graham Thomas, a certified Continuing Professional Development (CPD) trainer. He also issued the participants CPD certificates that provide accreditation, confirmation, and recognition for employment purposes.

The participants were grateful for the continuous encouragement of SCAN in providing its members with invaluable tools through various trainings and educational programs. These activities also allow members to further attain social and personal development.

The event organizers have taken preventative measures in light of the pandemic situation to ensure the safety of the attendees.