Echolink on Cellphone App

The EchoLink® software allows streaming audio technology via the Internet. It will enable worldwide connections between stations or from computer to station. As a result of its development, every station can now connect through a cellphone application in both iOS and Android.

Members of SCAN International are constantly encouraged to use different modes of amateur radio communication apps like Echolink and others. Although most Echolink users connect in single-user mode, simplex links, and repeaters via conference servers, members can join through cellphone apps.

Echolink is not a replacement for traditional amateur radio. Still, it significantly expands operators' connectivity worldwide via the Internet Protocol. Amateur radio shall remain a more significant mode of communication in a disastrous situation, especially when all else fails.

Amateur Radio's robust communication infrastructure can stand alone. Even though its digital mode connectivity is compromised, its local repeater can work or use direct communication with nearby hams.

SCAN International is reachable via Echolink through the following current and active Conference Servers:

  • *VA7INC* - managed and maintained in Canada,
  • *SCANNESB* - managed and maintained in New York,
  • *SCAN-AUS* - managed and maintained in Australia,
  • *SCAN-PH* - managed and maintained in the Philippines 

SCAN International conducts regular Net Calls on Echolink with the following schedules:

New York, USA - SCANNESB | SUNDAYS - 8:00 PM (Philippine equivalent time MONDAYS - 8:00 AM)

British Columbia - VA7INC | MONDAYS - 8:00 PM (Philippine equivalent time: TUESDAYS - 11:00 AM)

Winnipeg, Canada - VA4INC - VA7INC | TUESDAYS - 7:00 PM (Philippine equivalent time: WEDNESDAYS - 8:00 AM)

Paniqui Tarlac, Philippines - SCAN-PH | FRIDAYS - 10:00 AM - (Philippine Time)

Australia - SCAN-AUS |SUNDAYS - 1:00 PM (Philippine equivalent time: SUNDAY - 11:00 AM)

See you there, 73!