⦿ CQ SSB WPX Contest 2024

As an amateur radio group, SCAN International actively participates in activities and contests initiated by different radio groups worldwide. It continuously encourages its members to join them, such as the CQ WPX Contest and others. During the contest, the goal is to establish as many contacts as possible within a specified period. This endeavor helps hone one's amateur radio operator's ability to convey a message effectively over the airwaves. Moreover, contacting as many different stations in different countries in a short period offers excellent opportunities also to check if a radio station setup design has improved its capability over time.

The recent SSB WPX Contest last weekend of March (March 30-31, 2024) contest draws thousands of entries worldwide. Members from DX7EVM SCAN International joined the said contest in which they established their radio communication setup at Lolo Crispin tops view San Fernando, Cebu led by Brother Omar G. Dumaguing (DU7OK), Ruel G. Icoy (DU7LEG), Ali R. Gonzalve (DW7FBH), Beljun M. Butaslac (DW7FJO) and Rowel Augusto (DV7LEQ).