Super Typhoon Rai (Odette) hit the Philippines from December 16 to 17 last year. It caused devastation mainly in the Visayas, Palawan, and northern Mindanao. Millions were affected. The strong winds, heavy rains, and floods caused widespread damage to houses, water supply, power lines, communication networks, transportation, among others.

Ham radio was the only practical means of getting messages across the affected areas. SCAN Operatives were among those who quickly provided communication assistance and disseminated helpful information.

SCAN Regional President Ireneo O. Ledesma, DU9XL relates: "As we entered Surigao City, we saw many heavily damaged houses, partially and damaged trees uprooted by strong winds, fallen electrical posts, and people begging for help along the roadside. We set up our equipment right away with our generator. We were online through HF and VHF radio, formed links to other radio communication groups, and started retrieval operations. The Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (PDRRMO) was pleased by the presence of SCAN. We served as the relay station to the nearby islands of Dinagat and Siargao and conducted relief operations. We rendered services to many people by taking blood pressure and advised them so as not to lose their hopes, especially those who lost their houses."

Through its local chapters, SCAN International will continue assisting our beloved countrymen until the complete recovery of the regions. The SCAN International Management highly appreciates the key SCAN Operatives who technically managed our temporary base stations in the affected areas and headed the team.

  • Irenio B. Ledesma, DU9XL
  • Roldan O. Landiao, DU9XM
  • Ernesto O. Teves Jr., DU9CA
  • Marcos A. Gilla, DU9HUZ
  • Richard B. Mendoza, DU9AQB
  • Sieje M. Formentera, DV9BTO
  • Romualdo A. Regatona Jr., DW9IEW
  • Ryzus Jake M. Landiao, DW9JDX
  • Lourdes V. Gilla, DU9ALG
  • Vivian P. Teves, DW9IUL
  • Alejandro B. Franco Jr., DW9JDJ
  • Michael E. Redondiez, DU9MER
  • Gilbert V. Gabica, DW9IYG
  • Omar G. Dumaguing, DU7OK
  • Florante S. Catalan, 4F7FLO

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