The "Net Call," often referred to as an amateur radio net call, or simply ham net, is an on-the-air "gathering" of ham radio users. It is an organized means of relaying information for a particular purpose and joining different stations at a typical schedule and time.

SCAN International conducts net calls regularly. Its members convene to pass relevant information from one station to another, supervised by a net controller anchor. This amateur radio activity connects group members and nearby amateur radio stations and serves as a regular gathering to foster friendship conversation. Sometimes, the talk deals with a common topic of interest, like communications innovations, sharing weather conditions in each location, efficient radio propagation techniques, some latest news in the society, and opinions that give mutual benefits to all tuned-in stations. SCAN conducts its net call via its calling frequency at 145.460 MHz.

This album (FB Account Album) shows our appreciation and tribute for our SCAN International NET CONTROLLERS. Thanks for your dedication!

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