Ham Convention is one of the most significant Ham Radio or Amateur Radio endeavors. In this gathering, two-way radio communicators convene about developments, innovations, advancements, and a wide variety of activities for ham radio enthusiasts. There are also affiliated events and showcases of advanced exhibits.

In plenary sessions, individuals and groups exchange ideas about all aspects of the hobby, such as innovations in amateur radio and the use of the equipment. Invited commercial manufacturers also showcase their ham radio-related products like homebrew equipment, radio parts, accessories, a wide range of other merchandise, and even old equipment.

More importantly, the ham convention attracts more and more people to become amateur radio operators and enthusiasts. Ham Radio Operators have undeniably played a vital role during emergencies, natural disasters, and when traditional communications are unavailable. Hence, some lecturers and experienced hams provide newcomers orientation, seminars, education about ham radio, and acquiring an Amateur Radio Station License (ARSL). The forums also include lectures for those who want to upgrade their current ARSL.

SCAN International and its members actively participate in this event. The pictures below show one of the Pre-pandemic Ham Radio Conventions participated by selected group members.

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