The Officers and members of the SCAN International from Manitoba, Canada Chapter conducted a "Basic Law Seminar." The seminar dealt with the applicable land laws in Canada. It aims to provide full awareness to the SCAN Members to fulfill their duties without violating laws enforced within the country.

SCAN Manitoba Chapter Vice President Daniel Palomeno invited Winnepeg-based lawyers Amado Claros and Dule Vicovac II as guest speakers.

Attorney Amado Claros, a criminal defense lawyer who is an expert in world prosecution and defense, discussed the topic "Religious Rights Offenses" and "Defense of Self, Others People or Property, Canadian Context."

While Attorney Dules Vicovac II, an international lawyer and a head of the United Nations Political Analysis and Reporting Unit, discussed a very informative topic about "Hate Crime (When does hate become a crime?)."

SCAN Officers and members have gained a lot of information with excitement and happiness. The group further invited speaker-lawyers to attend the Evangelical Mission of the Church Of Christ.