Socio-Civic Function

Through its volunteer members, SCAN International supports community projects in service to humanity.

The group regularly conducts massive tree-planting projects in different parts of the world supervised by its national, regional, and district chapters. It also provides motorist assistance to both public and private commuters.

In the Philippines, the Department of Public Works and Highways promotes a motorist assistance project dubbed "Lakbay Alalay." It is an annual public service program nationwide to provide immediate assistance to motorists, such as rescuing troubled vehicles, giving directions to visitors, and communication aid in emergencies, especially during holiday seasons. SCAN International regularly participates in this nationwide event.

Another significant contribution of SCAN International to civic society is its participation in maintaining the health of tropical rainforests and mountains. We have to preserve our natural environments and resources because these provide a significant role in our survival. Time and again, the group conducts tree planting activities and clean-up drives in different parts of the world, especially in the Philippines.

Moreover, SCAN International provides communications assistance and disseminates information in support of society by conducting rescue operations to help affected people from catastrophic incidents. Its members are visible in assisting people to save their lives and properties from a volcanic eruption, killer quakes, fire, and floods in different areas worldwide.